Laurence Galland

Executive Coach


« Laurence is an exceptional executive coach, focussed on enhancing individual and team performance. She is warm, calm and professional, guided by her deep understanding and experience of business. When you meet Laurence, you know quickly that she is committed to getting the best from you. She will adapt her style to suit you and will be as challenging as you need her to be, always creating a safe space to think, talk and make decisions.

Laurence helped give me back the drive that I’d be lacking, to move forward with my career and personal life, and take accountability for the things that were holding me back. Through careful listening, she skilfully and subtly shone a light on unhelpful beliefs I held, then encouraged me to focus on what I could do achieve by looking at things differently. And she never let me wallow – I always felt a sense of momentum and progress. »

Katherine, Head of HR


« What a positive experience. Laurence has the ability to make you really think and reflect on what you want to achieve. She has the ability to take you on a journey of change whilst enabling you to decide on the outcome and commitment yourself. Reflecting on behaviour and its impact and how change in behaviour would affect results was amazing. I believe I am now a better version 2.0! Positive feedback and a new exciting role were the result of what I learned. Thank you for the positive change you helped me achieve! »

BN, IT Executive


« After spending many years, or better to say almost my entire professional career, in the biggest tourism corporation of Europe, I felt that something is missing. I went through a quite successful career development, progressed well from one great position to the other – nevertheless I felt something is not right anymore.

Luckily in the moment of losing orientation I met Laurence, who just started her professional coaching path – after being for long years in various senior HR positions.
She helped me to re-gain my orientation and find myself the new next challenge. Through her professional guidance I felt understood and supported. Don’t think she made my life easy, for sure not! She has been very clear, focused and transparent from the beginning and made me understand, this won’t be an easy path, but a challenging journey.

The work with Laurence was definitely worth of doing it! She did not just guided and supported me thought the process, but also challenged me constantly. She adopted her way & methodology to my needs and pushed me through some difficult moments.

I am very thankful to Laurence. Looking back from my new position as country lead for a very successful, rapidly growing startup… Thanks Laurence! »

Andre, Country Lead at Swapfiets


« I had the pleasure of working with Laurence a number of times last year and was very pleased with the work we achieved together.

She has a very calm, positive manner and was focused on moving you toward your goals.
She is empathic, direct and has a good balance of challenge or support when required.
I appreciated her accountability when goal setting and she offered ongoing support which helped convert ideas into actions.

I definitely recommend Laurence as a Coach. »

Daniel, Coach


« I would like to thank Laurence for the coaching she has given me. Her style and method is very effective, helping me to complete some major goals.

I always look forward to my conversations with Laurence. She has helped me to focus and prioritize. I have been better able to look at problems in different ways and finding very meaningful solutions. »

Olivier N., Operational Supply Chain T.L.


« I had four coaching sessions with Laurence and highly recommend her as a coach. We worked on several topics where I wanted to bring about some change in the short and longer term. The coaching sessions helped me bring some new and different thinking to the topics, and also helped me reaffirm beliefs that I hold and are important to me.

Laurence coached in a structured way which suited my way of thinking, and was very attuned to nuances and so very responsive and supportive. She had a very natural way of keeping me focused on the outcomes I wanted to achieve, and provided a good level of challenge to ensure I took away actions from the sessions.

Laurence’s strengths are providing both a high level of support and the right amount of challenge, with a focus on moving forward in a positive and encouraging way. Though some of the changes I chose to make were small, they were important, they have stuck and I am really pleased that they are still good habits now. »

Birgit, Change and OD Manager


« Laurence is an incredible professional coach, who demonstrates compassion and understanding when working with her coachees. She enabled me to explore a variety of topics, and coached me to develop a forward moving action plan to overcome these challenges. With Laurence’s help, I’ve not only become more productive, but I’ve become more self aware. I’d recommend Laurence as a coach to anyone seeking a professional coach. »

Harsh, Programme Manager at Facebook


« Laurence gives space to tell the whole story, to think and to explore. Then she asks very good questions both about the situation and about what internal emotions or thought processes make you relate the story in that way. I especially liked that Laurence makes a point of checking in during a session, both to see if we are addressing the topic as I explained it and also to look at how to spend the remaining time. Laurence is good at reminding me of previous learning if I encounter the same obstacle again and at recognizing patterns. Laurence patiently worked with me in setting a way forward that is both challenging and forgiving, She strikes a good balance between holding the client accountable and ensuring that the client is not too hard on her/himself »

Susan, Leadership Coach