Laurence Galland

Executive Coach


«Laurence is an exceptional executive coach, focussed on enhancing individual and team performance. She is warm, calm and professional, guided by her deep understanding and experience of business. When you meet Laurence, you know quickly that she is committed to getting the best from you. She will adapt her style to suit you and will be as challenging as you need her to be, always creating a safe space to think, talk and make decisions.

Laurence helped give me back the drive that I’d be lacking, to move forward with my career and personal life, and take accountability for the things that were holding me back. Through careful listening, she skilfully and subtly shone a light on unhelpful beliefs I held, then encouraged me to focus on what I could do achieve by looking at things differently. And she never let me wallow – I always felt a sense of momentum and progress.»

Katherine, Head of HR

«What a positive experience. Laurence has the ability to make you really think and reflect on what you want to achieve. She has the ability to take you on a journey of change whilst enabling you to decide on the outcome and commitment yourself. Reflecting on behaviour and its impact and how change in behaviour would affect results was amazing. I believe I am now a better version 2.0! Positive feedback and a new exciting role were the result of what I learned. Thank you for the positive change you helped me achieve!»

BN, IT Executive

«If you can’t get out of your head or struggling, you need someone to help you find your answers and Laurence is one of the best of the best that can take your hand to the right way! It was my pleasure having her during my journey.»

Ahmed, Founder and CEO at ToBadaa

«Laurence coached me over 15 months of major transition as I moved from a long, very senior public service career through a VC accelerator programme to co-founding a tech start-up company, at the same time as major change in my personal life.

With kindness, intelligence, wit and warmth Laurence enabled me to safely explore my own motivations, uncover and address hopes, fears and anxieties, and build confidence for my future. She kept an eye on our contract and made sure I noticed the changes in me as she sent me on my way with a mental model of a backpack with all the useful the tools I’ve developed over the time I’ve worked with her. I understand much better that facets that are a part of me don’t need to define me.

Laurence is a great coach, and I very highly recommend her.»

Amanda, eargym co-founder

«I started working with Laurence to help me with some specific challenges and goals I had. I had not been coached before so I went into it with some curiosity.

I have found the experience hugely valuable and I have no doubt it has helped me perform more effectively and in turn help my career even in a short space of time. It is thanks to Laurence’s ability to listen, replay things to me from a different perspective and ultimately unlock insights that have helped me build my awareness, and then enable me to do things differently. Not only did she help me achieve the goals that I set at the start of our work but has also helped me unlock new things that I didn’t expect to learn.

I would thoroughly recommend Laurence and look forward to working with her again in the future.»

Bart, Head of Digital Marketing at TUI

«After spending many years, or better to say almost my entire professional career, in the biggest tourism corporation of Europe, I felt that something is missing. I went through a quite successful career development, progressed well from one great position to the other – nevertheless I felt something is not right anymore.

Luckily in the moment of losing orientation I met Laurence, who just started her professional coaching path – after being for long years in various senior HR positions.
She helped me to re-gain my orientation and find myself the new next challenge. Through her professional guidance I felt understood and supported. Don’t think she made my life easy, for sure not! She has been very clear, focused and transparent from the beginning and made me understand, this won’t be an easy path, but a challenging journey.

The work with Laurence was definitely worth of doing it! She did not just guided and supported me thought the process, but also challenged me constantly. She adopted her way & methodology to my needs and pushed me through some difficult moments.

I am very thankful to Laurence. Looking back from my new position as country lead for a very successful, rapidly growing startup… Thanks Laurence!»

Andre, Country Lead at Swapfiets

«Laurence es muy profesional, genera mucha tranquilidad y armonía, te hace sentir que está contigo muy presente. Te hace llegar más allá.
Me encantaron sus preguntas, su perseverancia y que siempre estuvo muy atenta. Destaco especialmente que traía información de sesiones anteriores, que relacionaba y que me espejaba, con ello yo entendía asuntos que no tenía resueltos. Laurence es una excelente coach, llegó en el momento correcto a mi vida y me ayudó a profundizar en el camino que debo recorrer para comenzar a conectar con quien quiero ser la segunda mitad de mi vida. Me siento más feliz por haberla conocido y me haya acompañado en este comienzo.»

Felipe P., Gerente en industria TELCO Chile, Coach ICF, Profesor de Liderazgo MBA

«Over the last 7 months I have had a series of sessions with Laurence focusing on some professional challenges that I was facing, which were beginning to have a negative effect on my working life. Right from the get go I feel we had a strong connection and Laurence was able to quickly aid my guidance in finding the core of these issues and subsequently helping me set clear and defined objectives in order to overcome these. Her calm and consistent approach enabled me to develop the ways I approach challenges and have enabled me to adapt to these situations accordingly. Every session always delivered results and gave me the forum to work on objectives and goals, which showed real value towards my personal development.»

Andrew, Commercial Manager

«I would like to thank Laurence for the coaching she has given me. Her style and method is very effective, helping me to complete some major goals.

I always look forward to my conversations with Laurence. She has helped me to focus and prioritize. I have been better able to look at problems in different ways and finding very meaningful solutions.»

Olivier N., Operational Supply Chain T.L.

«Laurence is an incredible professional coach, who demonstrates compassion and understanding when working with her coachees. She enabled me to explore a variety of topics, and coached me to develop a forward moving action plan to overcome these challenges. With Laurence’s help, I’ve not only become more productive, but I’ve become more self aware. I’d recommend Laurence as a coach to anyone seeking a professional coach.»

Harsh, Programme Manager at Facebook